2017-18 Instructional Strategy Team Grants (REBUILD ANNUALLY)


Strategy Team Members Application Process for 2017-18: Each fall, Instructional Strategy Team Coaches are chosen by our Selection Committee to begin the Instructional Strategy Team process. Following the Coach selection, we collect applications from teachers who would like to be Members of the selected Strategy Teams.  Teachers interested in learning one of the strategies described below must complete the following instructions. Teams meet for a minimum of three, 1-hour sessions. The Team Coach schedules times and locations to meet the needs of team members. Selected Team Members will receive a $500 grant award*


1. Read the described strategies below.

2. Select a strategy that you would like to learn. NOTE: Please be aware of the grade level and location of the Coach. S/he will likely hold the meetings at or near her/his own school.

3. Check back in the Fall.

4. Complete and return the application. 

*Certain restrictions to grant award payments apply. Click HERE to learn more or contact us for details: (805) 964-4710 ext. 5277

2017-18 Strategies:

Instructional Strategy Title:  Responsive Classroom  

Instructional Strategy Coach: Katherine Mueller, Peabody Charter School, Santa Barbara Unified School District

Instructional Strategy Description: Responsive Classroom helps educators create a safe, engaging, and fun place to learn. According to Responsive Classroom, “…research has shown that teachers who implement the Responsive Classroom approach with fidelity create the conditions that lead to high academic and social achievement for students.”

Instructional Strategy Title: Cultural Norms in Ancient Civilizations

 Instructional Strategy Coach: Larry Kamal, Manzanita Public Charter School, Lompoc Unified School District

Instructional Strategy Description: Students use the lenses of eight different ‘cultural norms’ to classify and organize information learned and analyzed in their studies of Ancient Civilizations. The cultural norms are: Basic Needs, Geography, Religious Structure, Political Structure, Social Structure, Economic Structure, Communication, and Recreation.

Instructional Strategy Title: What’s In My Air?

 Instructional Strategy Coach: Riccardo Magni, Pioneer Valley High School, Santa Maria Joint Union High School District

Instructional Strategy Description: Participants will learn how to use a Purple Air particle counter and how to use that data in their class. They will be able to teach students how to become citizen scientists.

Instructional Strategy Title: Workshop Model

 Instructional Strategy Coach: Mallory Price, Adams Elementary School, Santa Barbara Unified School District

Instructional Strategy Description: The workshop model (which includes both reading and writing workshop) is based upon the gradual release of responsibility (GRR) model, a format in which the work-load is gradually shifted from the teacher to the student in order to scaffold the learning. In a workshop, the students gather together for a direct instruction mini-lesson in which they learn something that readers or writers do, and then they are released to go try these skills within the context of their independent reading and writing.

Instructional Strategy Title: Differentiated Writing Groups

 Instructional Strategy Coach: Veronica Tadeo, Fesler Junior High School, Santa Maria-Bonita School District

Instructional Strategy Description: I have so many students in my class! How do I support them in writing? One strategy is to organize the class into differentiated small groups.