Santa Barbara Teachers Federal Credit Union Crystal Apple Educator Award

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Each year ten very special people from Santa Barbara County are chosen to receive a Santa Barbara Teachers Federal Credit Union Crystal Apple Educator Award. Nominated for this award by their peers, these hard-working educators are recognized for their dedication to students and education, their instructional and motivational skills, their ability to challenge and inspire students, and their effective interaction with students, staff, and the local community.

School employees, colleagues, parents and students are invited to nominate educators who they feel have provided exceptional service to students. Awards are presented at the Education Celebration in May, to which recipients are invited as guests. The award includes a stipend.

The award categories are:

•  Elementary teacher: Grades K-6
•  Secondary teacher: Grades 6-12
•  Certificated support provider: e.g., a school counselor, school psychologist, certificated librarian, nurse, or any other certificated support personnel
•  Administrator: school site or district/county office
•  Classified employee: school site or district/county office

Click HERE to meet the previous Crystal Apple Educator Award Recipients

How are the awards selected? 
Grant applications are read and selected by a committee of teachers, administrators, and business and community partners. As appropriate to each award category, the selection committee will be looking for information, including specific examples, illustrating that the nominee demonstrates exemplary:

  • Dedication to the education of students.
  • Ability to interact effectively with students.
  • Ability to interact effectively with staff and community to meet students’ needs.
  • Ability to challenge and inspire students to learn.
  • Instructional and motivational skills.

Tips for a strong nomination: 
The selection committee is looking for detailed anecdotes that fully exemplify the outstanding qualities of the nominee and justify the selection of the nominee as a SBTFCU Crystal Apple Educator. Submitting anecdotes from a variety of sources (i.e. colleagues, parents, students, administrators) greatly improves the quality of the nomination. The nomination should pay specific attention to how the nominee is unique and demonstrates exemplary qualities not commonly found in his or her peers.

When will I hear if my nominee was selected? 
Notifications will be made approximately three to four weeks after the deadline.

Crystal Apple Award recipients will:

  • Be recognized at the Education Celebration event in the spring.
  • Receive a cash gift from the Santa Barbara Teachers Federal Credit Union.